S4 Punching machine and shear year of construction 2013
Multiple punching head with hydraulic drive. The tools can be operated simultaneously.
Thickness punching of the material and shearing for
Aluminum (200 N / mm²): 5 mm
Steel (410 N / mm²): 3.5 mm
Punching frequency with 1 mm max. Center distance: 1200 strokes / min.
Punching frequency with 5 mm max center distance: 650 strokes / min.
The shear allows you to make cuts on the X and Y axis.
Length of the cutting blade (X / Y): 500/500 mm
Automatic setting of the cutting clearance
Speed ​​and acceleration
X axis speed: 132 m / min
Y axis speed: 96 m / min
Simultaneous axis speed: 163 m / min
X axis acceleration: 30 m / s²
Y axis acceleration: 15 m / s²
Material entrance dimensions
Panel size max. 3000 x 1600 mm
Panel size min. 370 x 300 mm
Max diagonal: 3400 mm
Condition: Excellent

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