Salvagnini-Punching machine S4 (2005)

Machine type: S4.30.H3 Punching-shear C.N.C.
Manufacturer: Salvagnini
Model: S4
Year of production: 2005
Locatiòn: Italy
Condition: Excellent

S4.30.H3 Punching-shear C.N.C.
CC Right angle shear with reduced blades
DF Sheet diverter
P2R30 Double rotating punch
EI Lower effect
SPB Good parts selector
IA4015 Universal automatic stacker
TC40155.CT Scissor table
R101 Water-air chiller
SIMULXNT Simulation and verification of S4 program


MD3015.P.CONV1.M8 – Rear loading destacker warehouse
Automatic warehouse for sheet metal packs managed by single sheets.
Is composed by:
a shelf with 8 shelves (M8) on which the single sheets are stored creating 1
pack of sheet metal for shelf;
a one-way brush conveyor (CONV1) for feeding sheets
single, located under the base shelves;
an elevator manipulator used to pick up and deposit the sheets on the shelves or on the
The operator loads the warehouse from the rear side (P), depositing, in conditions of
operational safety, the pack of sheets (incoming pack) on the automatic loading shelf
by means of a forklift truck or by placing the single sheet directly on the
conveyor.The automatic loading shelf is initially placed outside the automatic warehouse and
from its safety barriers, allowing you to load the package during the
handling of the sheets already present in the warehouse. Following a command,
given by the operator, the shelf moves, sliding on rails, up to under the manipulator
lift. This saves handling time by avoiding a double
horizontal stroke of the elevator manipulator for each unstacked sheet.
The limit dimensions of the packs and sheets that can be stored are as follows:
maximum size of the sheets: 3048 x 1824 mm
minimum sheet size: 700 x 400 mm
sheets of any intermediate size can be handled
maximum thickness of the steel sheet: 3.5 mm
maximum thickness of the aluminum sheet: 5 mm
minimum sheet thickness: 0.5 mm
maximum height of the package + incoming pallet set: 500 mm
maximum height of the package in the warehouse: 150 mm
minimum height of the inlet pallet only: 50 mm
maximum load on each shelf: 3000 kg
maximum weight of a single sheet: 130 kg
maximum weight of the incoming package: 5000 kg
total warehouse height: 5800 mm

Operational features:
maximum length of the input sheet: 3048 mm
maximum width of the input sheet: 1524 mm
minimum length of the input sheet: 370 mm
minimum width of the input sheet: 300 mm
maximum diagonal of the incoming sheet: 3408 mm
maximum length of the sheet at the output: 3048 mm
maximum width of the output sheet: 1524 mm
minimum length of the output sheet: 250 mm
minimum width of the output sheet: 60 mm
maximum thickness of sheet metal
with tensile strength of 410 N / mm2: 3.5 mm
minimum sheet thickness: 0.5 mm

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