Line Salvagnini- S4+P4 (2002)

Type of machine: Line Salvagnini
Model: S4 + P4
Year of production: 2002
Locatiòn: Italy
Conditions: Excellent
Available from February 2022

The Testa was completely overhauled with options in May 2017
in 2019 the Y axis blank holder was revised
in 2019 replaced both scrap evacuators
in 2020 replaced AP pump, feed gripper motor, P2R36 matrix motor
January 2020 MD cambaito vacuum tubes, pulleys and tubes
in 2021 PB low pressure pump + shear rising gasket
AI to be reviewed

2010 Revised tamper
2010 Torsion shaft + counter blade with carryover
2015 overhauled COBO ALA

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